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Eduardo Alvarado – how noble the existence of the matter and soul in this world can be.


December 16. That was our last conversation by Facebook and Eduardo asked me my address to send few catalogs of his work and last exhibitions.
!!!! DECEMBER 16!!!!! …. and I only got this last Friday, August.

well.. I am not complaining only laughing and realizing…if there is one painter from Spain and a painter from Brazil involved in the process… things are going to happen and it will be great… but don’t wait up…..  instead, take a seat. We are too busy living our delightful lives and having fun and loving, and inventing things that only matter in a very particular way. Gracias and Obrigado.
Sun is shinning, love is calling, life is beautiful. Let people from boring freezing places hurry up with their stuff.
Eduardo at this moment is at the Mediterranean Coast with his family and I am mountain biking the hell out  of the rain forests in the lost mountains of Southeast of South America. The rest of the world can wait. The entire world is just annoying anyway.

As a matter of fact I feel so privileged for him to have remembered of me and sent me this fantastic images by mail during his vacation.
The picture of the horse is a small painting, a original one he sent with the catalogs. It is temporarily on that place but soon will be in my ” dirt shed room”, a new room I am doing here for all the stuff that is hobbies related and I think is pretty… is like my tea room but more man cave, with bike tools, aquariums for new reproduction experiments and will be an extension of my painting studio one day…. I will keep all my finished works on this place too.

Eduardo’s work is inspiring… it is inspiring in a bad way… the GOOD  way ——— it makes you jealous and feeling like to paint…. it brings wonders to your eyes and crises to your heart.
“Now I want to paint. dammit”.
-” Espanhol filho da puta” I was living my life in peace absolute not minding about art and he sends these great stuff and makes my soul burn in luxury and desire and getting ready for new challenges.

He can be so clean and direct/straight , so pure, taking the eyes close to the core of the image.
The truth is that I’ve been a fan of his work for years. 6 years to be exact, because of this… this characteristic of such a noble feeling and attitude he can develop with his paintings, drawings and sculptures.
Yes –  Elegant, noble, clean, pure, straight, core, beautiful, mature, enlightened , precise….. this are some of the words that ALWAYS come to my mind when I get in contact with his work.

Thank you Eduardo, not for sending these catalogs but for being in a relevant position in life  offering us these registers of how noble the existence of the matter and soul in this world can be.

God bless you.
Dios te bendiga
Deus te Abençoe

( here is his blog

FB page )


evoke after little mud

Die spinnen, die Römer

2014 Ich zu ihr geschickt 2

Die spinnen, die Römer – The Romans are crazy ( or something like that ).

lol !!!! wait… what?
She can’t talk to me like that. Where did she take this idea?

Happy new year everyone !!!!

Keep the good hard work and please ignore the fact I have procrastinated for two years.

I am only riding my bike in the most selfish fashion possible. I ask myself if it is a middle age crises…. hum… I have had middle age crises since I was 10 years old.. so I think it is only a cheap way to run from my responsibilities and feel happy all the time I beat my own personal records on two wheels,  some distant road or mountain bike track lost in time and space.
I don’t feel like to paint at all… I realized I don’t need painting in my life and the painting doesn’t need me neither. We agreed to keep distance from each other and it seems to be working well. Divorce can be a good thing when it is about art….
Ciao Bella and stop saying I look like a crazy Roman. I still am Der Welter Konig from the lost mountains across the oceans.  😉

Die spinnen, die Römer
Der Welt König


Umbrella, Caio Fern, 2014, acrylic on canvas.


am i back to painting? uhh, i sincerely don’t know.

i only wanted to do a nice ornament for the new umbrella box i bought yesterday,
it is made of wood and will be by the side of the front door, so i thought it would be a nice touch to paint an ornament to hang on the wall right upon it,
so i will see the real umbrellas’ handles and see the painting upon it and my eyes are going to have an umbrellas’ feast … isn’t it wonderful ?
the ornament by the side with flowers i copied from a dirndl i saw lately.
why women don’t wear dirndls all the time?
as the Welter Konig i will make a law demanding every women to only wear this.

The Blinking Welter… Mein Welt in cheap, cheesy Gifs.



blinkingwelter 11

blikingwelter 5

blinkingwelter 15

blinkingwelter 9

blinkingwelter 14

blinkingwelter 6

blinkingwelter 12

blinkingwelter 8

blinkingwelter 10

blinkingwelter 7

Painting, Dream, Free, Deer, Blood, Jesus, Nazis, Nephilim, Experiences, German, Brazilian, English. It is getting clear now.

I’ve made very few revisions on small details of this post that is the most important of my life as a painter… people didn’t realise this, and shouldn’t…. but after this, posted in the end of 2012, I stoped to paint for a while … .. what makes this little series definitive.   …… to people who says I never finish anything…..

Yesterday I was talking to my dear friend “golden angel” and all of sudden my last paintings have been much clear to me, the meanings and the facts surrounding them.
Below is the explanation I gave to her about what have happened these days in my studio and explanation about the last 4  or 5 paintings I’ve made:
I spent the entire morning in the studio burning my brain to figure out a way to compose what I have in mind. I think I got.
One or two nights ago I had many dreams, weird ones. I woke up the whole night because of them… not nightmares, only weird. In the morning I woke up and started to write a dialog. I want to write this dialog on the canvas after to finish the painting. It is weird and quite evil but has a good end. It is about Jesus, Nazis, the Nephilims (Giants) of the book of Genesis, genetic experiences, sex, blood lines, South America, but all very condensed in very few lines and I don’t think people will notice it all. But will all be there very clear. I can’t explain. The title of the work will be Stag, following the works I am doing where I write words deer related….. venison, fawn, doe and now stag. I see this dialog as a way to show I got rid of all the past and devils haunting my life.
  • venison was about flesh, its influences in our acts and lives,  and the fact I am eating meat now.
  • fawn, like a rebirth, a new hope and life.
  • Doe was about fatality of life, the nature of the women and female.
  • Stag will be about blood. The blood of Jesus, the blood lines described in the Bible from Adam to Jesus and the nephilims’ descendent, and the nazis experiment and ideals about a perfect blood line and the contemporary concept about transhumanism…… blood in general, the animal blood in us and the importance it has had during all the History including to God.
———————below is the dialog I intend to work on my next painting —————————————————————–
Stag  – A South American dialogue between a Traditional Nazi ( Joseph Mengele’s assistant’s granddaughter ) and a Reborn Fundamentalist Christian painter. – Penis, neck and chest used to bleed like a hunted stag. – It has been a trophy, Mein Lieber. – Eu, Ich.. I mean, I am not. – Isn’t you who decidesss. – Warum werent sie verhaftet, wenn in diesem Teil der Welt angekommen? Desse lado do mundo ? – Speak only the devil’s language which came from North. – Eu don’t know it very well…prefiro na lingua que eu penso. – Isn’t you who choosesss. But for your comfort, me neither. – Why weren’t they arrested when arrived to this side of the world? – Their services and knowledge seemed to please and satisfy all parts involved here. – Does my blood belong to their blood line? – Nein, you came from their victims. – Am I one of their experiments? – Sie sind nicht. – Because I had one very strong genetic characteristic of their experiments. – If you say so… let’s call it a coincidence. – Coincidence isn’t a very scientific or spiritual term, is it? And stop to play with your thighs in front of me. – I know your weakness. – You are not the Frau I am supposed to take. – Oh, I am sorry. Are you supposed to take only one now? We both know you don’t like this rule, Stag. – When Jesus called I answered. Now I am washed in His blood. They can’t touch me anymore. – Blood blood blood. It is all about blood….. and blood lines. – Not even you are able to touch me. Stop to hunt. Nobody can. – It is all about blood line. Has been since from the very beginning, from Adam. – I don’t care. I am free. Eu sou livre. – Stag. – He made me much more than this. Essa foi nossa ultima conversa e contato. Eu te lanço no abismo, Nephilim, junto com sua suastica. ( That was our last conversation and contact. I throw you into the abyss, Nephilim*, along with your swastika ).
*The Nephilim were the “sons of God” ( fallen Angels ) who took the “daughters of men” according to Genesis 6:4, and generated a new breed not approved by God.