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Umbrella, Caio Fern, 2014, acrylic on canvas.


am i back to painting? uhh, i sincerely don’t know.

i only wanted to do a nice ornament for the new umbrella box i bought yesterday,
it is made of wood and will be by the side of the front door, so i thought it would be a nice touch to paint an ornament to hang on the wall right upon it,
so i will see the real umbrellas’ handles and see the painting upon it and my eyes are going to have an umbrellas’ feast … isn’t it wonderful ?
the ornament by the side with flowers i copied from a dirndl i saw lately.
why women don’t wear dirndls all the time?
as the Welter Konig i will make a law demanding every women to only wear this.


The Blinking Welter… Mein Welt in cheap, cheesy Gifs.



blinkingwelter 11

blikingwelter 5

blinkingwelter 15

blinkingwelter 9

blinkingwelter 14

blinkingwelter 6

blinkingwelter 12

blinkingwelter 8

blinkingwelter 10

blinkingwelter 7

Caio Fern, acrylic on canvas , 2012, FAIR EYES IN LEWISHAM.

Caio Fern , acrylic on canvas 2012 – Fair eyes in Lewisham.

So… I started this work last night at 9:00, I only painted the shoe as it was the only thing I had clear in my mind… this shoe had to be present.
If you have followed my work for a while, have already noticed this model of shoe on my photos, books and paintings. It is because it has been 10 years, almost eleven, that I only used the same model of shoe. What can I say, I like it. It is cheap, and you can use in an occasion, from fancy parties to… I even climbed mountains and went to the beach wearing these shoes.
After to have finished the shoe I spent the whole night awaken looking to it. I loved. Suddenly it was already 3:00 pm.
I slept fast and woke up in a hurry at 5:30, or 6:00… then I painted the face… I dreamed with this painting.
wow, it is Monday and I have to take a shower and go to work. People says money doesn’t just drop from sky… it is a big fat lie, it does, money falls on my head all the time, it has been always a huge Bless in my life, Thank you Jesus, always taking care of me ;)….. but I must to keep this job anyway.

I wrote the ” FAIR EYES IN LEWISHAM” last night. It was a nice coincidence because this morning Lewisham just blinked and said hello to me.
Fair Eyes in Lewisham = a new song.


Caio Fern , acrylic on canvas 2012, clear psychological shelter

When I painted was only looking for aesthetical harmony….
But now looking to it I see so many meanings about my life and personality that I got even scared… in a very good way. Even so it is all very personal.
I don’t know what to think about the work itself. I don’t know if it is good or a not. I had no idea what I was composing when I painted… at the end I believe that found a pale calm harmony… it looks secure and clean to me… a kind of clear psychological shelter. Exists so beauty in this even being weird.
People says my work is getting crazier or experimental… but I think my work has been polite lately. Tender brush strokes and a position more secure of itself.

Caio Fern , acrylic on canvas 2012

Caio Fern , acrylic on canvas 2012

the original idea was weak when I put in practice so it changed in the middle of the painting, I liked this painting at the end.
I don’t know if it is possible to see it by the photo, I really tried to give a skin… adult man’s skin’s texture to it… I was more worried to give the right texture with colors than with proportions or forms.

Today is 29, isn’t it? … this is the 6th painting of the month. In my opinion I had a good production January with 3 or 4 really good works. Tonight I start a new one. It isn’t an idea I have , it is more a challenge I can’t avoid or control. Let’s see what will happen.
I am very interested in the relationship of flesh, soul, and voids and the way it has to deal with itself for existing in harmony.
ok, I know, I repeat myself,……… but it has been always my interest.

oh, by the way, before some one asks me…. on the center of the painting, right in the midle, it is my nose abs the very beguining of my forehead seen from above.


Perfect Day – Caio Fern, acrylic on canvas, 2012

tired yes, almost lost and blinded by its own feelings.
but this work is so polite with its pastel colors and well behaved brush strokes. it is so good to see I can be civilized sometimes.
I took the day for painting…. it took me a bit more than 7 hours but totally worth. I allowed the brush speak and only observed. it was like God holding my hand while I said: ” can I stop now? I am tired” hahaha!!! Thank You for this gift.

perfect day, drizzle all the time falling by the side of the opened window in calm and silence, a nice tea, wonderful potatoes for lunch, nice music, praying and a good painting at the end……
because it is summer here I don’t sleep so much at night, I woke up in the morning and don’t know how only started to paint with any of my typical resistance. Now, past 5:00 pm I am exhausted and believe don’t need to go to work tonight. so soon I will dive into the bed and dream with pastel colors while the drizzle falling outside.
good night world.
perfect day.

For no one. ….acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2012.

Caio Fern, acrylic on canvas 2012 – for whom ? para quem ? :s

If on the earlier painting I was not spontaneous following the plan from the first to the last brush stroke, on this one finished today I totally lost myself. When I finished it was hateful to me, ugly and a big fail, now I love this work. It looks like an MC5 song from the “Kick out the jams” album… hum… I should listen this album again, it has been a couple of months I don’t. Well… at least this is how it looks to me now.
I have faced doubts about what way to take on my work….. it is getting too complicated, different of all the visual simplicity it used to have. Both are intense, strong and sincere….. I just don’t know what is going to happen and how I am going to deal with it.
I really don’t want to take the control, only allow the painting keep being itself as a “noble free spirit female” must to be.

Other thing is about : “For whom have I painted for ?” hahaha.
Who likes what I am doing ?
Not the typical hipster always looking for the next trend.
Not the people that likes fine art and “well painted oil paintings” with conventional images.
Not the old typical academics with head in wax that worth ship abstract painting and that second half 20th century hegemony of NY-London cheap conceptual art.
Not the “kids” and nerds crazy for tumblr-devian fantastic-impressive illustration.
Doesn’t matter how many people exist on this world interested in art… it seems that I have painted for no one.