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Self-Publishing Your Photography Book Workshop with Elizabeth Avedon

Self-Publishing Your Photography Book Workshop

  see about it here :


Saturday, September 17th

Self-Publishing Your Photography Book Workshop with Elizabeth Avedon

9-3p, with lunch, R.F. Strickland Building, Concord, Georgia

Please see Elizabeth’s bio on the Bios page.

There is a rich history of self-published authors including Edgar Allen Poe, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King and Mark Twain. Now that artists are able to produce their own hardcover and softcover books online at a relatively low cost, self-publishing has become a popular alternative for photographers. 

Self-Publishing Your Photography Book will cover the basic principles of designing your own photography book. Drawing on over thirty years of experience, Elizabeth will demonstrate the bones of a successful photography book including; interior design decisions, sequencing, typography (Serif vs Sans Serif) and cover design. We will explore what comprises good design from bad, creating a framework for the participant to build upon with their own book project, and briefly discuss the self-publishing companies available.

Each participant should bring 10, maximum of 12, related images for sequencing and discussion of design considerations. We will work together and as a group to evolve each of your individual projects and expression. (Bring only inexpensive copies we can tack on the wall, no delicate final prints, 12 max) and 1 photography book whose design or layout you admire (optional)

We will not cover technical questions (pdf-to-book workflow) or software questions. 

Workshop Only: $350

Book Workshop Package: $450*

Package for Two: (one ticket to Book Workshop included) $575*

*includes Friday evening Collector’s Soiree, Self-Publishing Your Photography Book Workshop during the day Saturday, the SlowExposures Ball on Saturday evening, and the Lunch and Learn photo slide show on Sunday after the Juror’s Talk


The Pictorial Consequence- more than one year later…. by Caio Fern

The Pictorial Consequence- more than one year later…. by Caio Fern

Yes, it has been more than one year…. 13 or 14 months I think ….. that I published The Pictorial Consequence. A book about my work from 1999 to early 2010. I like this book a lot, and many people did like it too because you can see all the pages for free but always appear someone that decides to buy it.
Among all my vast collection of books published ( 3 ) this has been my bestseller 🙂

If you don’t know yet check it out with no fear !
This is my Bookstore : it all for free, leave comments …. and maybe buy one copy!! why not !?

Painting = Silent Weapon – Winsor & Newton – Vintage Advertising Campaingns – ART AS SUBSTITUTE OF GOD !!!!!


Painting = Silent Weapon – Winsor & Newton – Vintage Advertising Campaingns – ART AS SUBSTITUTE OF GOD !!!!!

I found this article about vintage Winsor&Newton’s Campaign.
It is so appropriated, I really liked. I have used Winsor & Newton paint since 1999 and since 2000 exclusively this brand as I really care about posterity of the works and quality when painting. It made me glad to find this poster.
It is from the Second War ….. what makes sense…..
But makes me ask for how many generations have we been taught to believe that art can be used as weapon……
Isn’t this too common sense ? And for how long, centuries or decades have we believed that art can make real difference? Wasn’t like that at the beginning of the civilization and Art History.
Who has/had the interest to teach this and keep it alive? Why?
And why people believe that it is true? I learned this when was at the Kinder Garden already? Was I victim of brain wash? With what interest it was done to me? When it started?
And if it is all wrong? Why did the society started to substitute the idea that God, Moral and spirituality wasn’t the solution for Freedom or the Truth anymore but art and the men’s invention was ?
People that puts its faith on art isn’t different that people that puts its faith on science or money.

For how many years will I fight to clean the masonry and illuminati’s influence on the society for the last 4 centuries from my life, body, mind and soul ? I WANT TO GET RID OF THIS WORLD.

Caio Fern said…
paint this up… Linda !!!!

March 23, 2011 9:50 AM
Anne Huskey-Lockard said…
Hey Caio,

I’ve always felt people who are afraid of art are people who have a lie to tell and think an artist might portray the truth.
I am not saying art hasn’t been used as propaganda, but currently we are facing massive cut to the National Endowments for the Arts and Public Broadcasting, and certain political wanna-bes and pundits are *demonizing* the arts as a whole, and anything art related.
Well, maybe it’s because we don’t bow to their political, divisive whims. Maybe we have a little more intelligence~~maybe want an opposing viewpoint to be able to conscientiously consider before forming an opinion.
I have no answers other than the times I am living in are unkind to artists wanting to portray the truth of what is going on. Never thought I would see the day either…


March 23, 2011 10:05 AM
Caio Fern said…
Hello Anne !!!
i was only asking why we were taught to worthship art in general.

i think it is a little bit deeper than politics.
It is about spirituality.

March 23, 2011 10:12 AM
Caio Fern said…
other thing…. is another , totaly diferent subject to me … but here in Brazil government uses art for alienating the poor population.

March 23, 2011 10:14 AM
Anne Huskey-Lockard said…
Hmmm….that is sad and interesting that they do that with art. The business of art being only for the wealthy.
I don’t know why it is not an accessible item to everyone. There have been too many strings attached to the whole thing.
People need to just make art. And I agree–I think there is a particular spirituality to it, at least when I work. (an aside, my minister is having me speak to a confirmation class about Spirituality in Work….ought to be interesting…)
I wish there were no politics involved in it at all.
That’s a dream! 😉


March 23, 2011 10:20 AM
Caio Fern said…
that is a dream…
but for the last thousands of years art and politic = power… were always closed related. 99,9% of the masterpieces wouldn’t exist if the royal familys and richer familys weren’t behind suporting it production.

So we must to learn to deal with it and be ble to put our particular view of world, human being and feeling despite all the money and power involved.

even so all this only started, again, not for political issues… i was only asking why and how all the modern civilization substituted it real spiritual values for aesthetical values .

March 23, 2011 10:26 AM
Caio Fern said…
The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life.”
William Faulkner

March 23, 2011 11:24 AM
Caio Fern said…
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March 23, 2011 11:52 AM
Caio Fern said…
Christine Tarantino – NewNew Art –
This morning I was thinking about similar things. How as soon as I make a mark, that mark is dead. It no longer flows, it stops. I wonder if this is something artists might think about, ethically. Do you want the marks you make to really be there? And should all marks of art be beautiful? I say yes, to try is to aspire.

Caio Fern – Christine…if i don’t leave my work to posterity i feel no will to work….. my only need to to reach peoples the way artists of other centuries reached me.
it is more than reaching people from other cultures… i want to reach people from other times too…… this is eternity in art … this is a way of human being reachs some “material” ” phisical” and emotional eternity. about spiritual issues…..i don’t need art at all.
spiritual developing can be reached by itself .

but my work talks only about spirituall issues 😀

ANYBODY WANTING A NEW ARTHOLE !! portfolios for artists and new spaces to show your work





Syd , the owner of the Woom Gallery where you can see my works , gave me a wonderful gift last night : An On Line Portfolio . It got very cool as a matter of fact, i didn’t expect for this . Was all his idea and concept . You can check it here : 



Syd is starting this new project ARTHOLES developing portifolios for artists . You can contact him at
: for more information . is looking good – it is a site that will showcase artist’s portfolios, and link to my pick of great emerging artists.. I’m building a network of such sites that will be specific to a movement..,,,… They will all provide links to artists portfolios – so once I’ve built a portfolio, I will be able to promote it.. will be the first featured portfolio..


Thank you again , Syd !!
it is always great to be in contact with the WOOM GALLERY !

Good reason to talk about a briliant photo. Gabriella Mirollo. Alemão inverted.

acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern

cover and back cover of my book