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Caio Fern, 2012, acrylic on canvas ….. 12 years to finish a piece of painting

I woke up very early today ( I think lately all my posts have started this way ) and immediately started to work on this painting. After 5 hours I had already painted the head below.
Oh, let me tell you about that head made with an average ballpoint pen… it was made in 2000, I painted a head on the canvasses and it got a crap, so I covered it all with  that gray-blue acrylic paint and drew the head you see …. I kept this piece of canvasses for all these 12 years till… TAH DAH !!!!! today I decided to paint over it. My intentions towards this work was, as usual, totally different,
After 5 hours painting the head below I went to my job and worked for more 5 hours there…. arrived home all exhausted and starving. I just took my clothes out to wear something comfortable , ate something light and went to bed…. no way… I had to go to the studio and see what was happening on the wall… I saw thousands of possibilities but took the scissors and cut the way you see now.
I like this work this way a lot… really, it is expressing a really important part of me in a surprising form but it is frustrating to see so many puzzles being solved in your head and don’t be able to put on canvas.
So…. tomorrow I start to paint again and won’t stop till all puzzles in my head get solved….Caio Fern, 2012, acrylic on canvas ….. 12 years to finish a piece of painting

Acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011 – BRIGHT GROSS WEIGHT WING – Giotto , I think he is a strong influence on this work.

Acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011 – BRIGHT GROSS WEIGHT WING – Giotto , I think he is a strong influence on this work.


So there was Me at 3 am finishing my painting all happy because It was a good work, maybe the best of the year. I put some music to play , one of my old CDs … listening and looking to the work… again, all happy and satisfied. I started this painting on Saturday morning after a walk under the rain, winter and rain together is wonderful, only me at the streets at 5:00 or 6:00 o’clock and the pure smells of earth grass and flowers from the feel gardens I can find here. I had my Scotch umbrella made in China and my Italian shoes made in Sao Paulo inside’s country and everything got even better when I crossed a ( i don’t know the names in English ) pink Primavera growing upon a pine tree , so the winter dried the leaves pine tree exposing its wonderful branches but as here in Brazil nobody respects anything , the Primavera plant decided to become full of pink flowers right in the winter. birds and “pinhas” on the branches and a clear grey sky blowing coldness into my neck. Kill me now because I am ready, lovely quiet morning. 
I started the painting when arrived home but stopped at noon, I came to check emails and went to sleep, I woke up after 40 minutes and only drunk tea till 10:00pm when decided to keep painting. 
Now you know everything. And between 3:00 and 6:30 I only listened music and looked to it saying : “Caio you brilliant bastard, I am so proud of you”. I prayed to God saying thank you for the opportunity of painting one more time and for the fact He gave me one really good work. 
At 6:30 I left the studio and went to my bedroom, Turned on the TV in hope it could help me to sleep and what I see. It happens that Sunday one of the TV channels here shows a very popular catholic priest in the morning, his mass isn’t bad at all and I thought it would be nice to sleep listening Jesus this Jesus that…. when the mass finishes and the TV show is almost over, the last image they show is a traditional Byzantine image of Jesus. 
Well, if Jesus is the Truth and He is… He just showed me that I am not that brilliant at all and should keep a bit more humble about my skills, talent and work. 
The image that appeared for 2 seconds or less on TV made me remember of Giotto, one of the earlier loves and influences about painting, I remember how much I loved his work when was starting to paint 12 years ago. 
I remember too of my last work and went back to the studio. Yep, I didn’t do anything new , this work is only a 21st version of Giotto’s painting. Nothing new here. 
It has been years that I don’t “visit” his work by books and even less on internet, so I didn’t realized how similar it was. 
Well, I went to sleep with that feeling that at least I will one day be able to paint again and maybe do something for real. Till then I will just swallow my pride and recognize that all my creativity and talent only drove me to produce a work similar what a Italian guy made between 1266/7 – 1337. 
On this work I have absolut any religious intention but sure , as always , search for developing spiritual issues. Giotto was 100% religious.. but at his time , religion and spirituality could be considered the same wings of the same need and search. 


By the way, after my walk in the morning before to paint I had decided that the name of this work would be : 





Acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011

I promised to myself that wouldn’t paint this week…. I have been exhausted to paint… but you know…. last night I had nothing to do so I went to my studio with a cup of tea in my hand and started to look around… I felt like to paint exactly this idea you see on this painting. But I can’t say it started with an idea… it was more like an impulse.
This morning I woke up and painted this as fast as possible… I am really exhausted to paint… I almost gave up two times. But the pleasure to finish a work is still bigger than my lazy ass. So : TA DA !!!!! here it is .
I hope you enjoy.
It is near of what I am searching these last works… maybe if I try harder I will be able to reach what I need.

Saatchi on Line chose Caio Fern as Art of Day !!

Saatchi on Line chose Caio Fern as Art of Day !!


Saatchi on Line , the site of the Saatchi Gallery chose this work as Art of day , today 7/24/2011 


Pond, Acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011

Pond, Acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011



Painting it today made remember a poem I wrote one year ago named Pond :

We never asked what kind of place it is.
What kind of place is this?
They cut all the trees and put nothing…replace with nothing.
We never asked what kind of place it is.
We were forgotten people and wanted to ride lost in a forgotten area.

Beyond all the moss green emptiness under clouded sky and drizzle:
beyond all the grey silence:


Beyond the memory of logic and the senses:


I have painted faster lately , this work only took me 35, 40 minutes.
It makes me concerned , why is it happening? When It starts to happen with me is because I am exhausted and start to lose my patience, I clear indication I need to give a break from painting…. But not this time , I have really enjoyed to paint and take care of details…. is something else, it is getting more dynamic. I am not sure if the final result is getting better. I don’t know .
I don’t want that people see anything else than the painting itself when looking to it , I don’t want any idea or concept related to it . Only visual impact in a not impressive form. I want to make noise now , it is different of what I have wanted last year or before.
Let’s see what is going to happen with the time.
I think the last paintings have developed violence. I have been frustrated with things in my life , including myself and I’ve been searching for movements, not as scape but as a way to break my own limits.
As always digging for intensity in a very direct form.
digging digging digging.


Caio Fern 2009

The production and the directions of 2011. Paintings by Caio Fern.

The production and the directions of 2011. Paintings by Caio Fern.

I like so much to keep the Welter traditions…. one of my favorites is every six months to post the production of the year.2011 has been a year where I only kept pushing harder what I was doing during 2010. Harder and more intense.If 2010 was a year where I broke the “pure” Mein Welt aesthetic mixing it with the values of my earlier years and generating a new way to dig deeper what I have searched for the last 12 years, 2011 has been the moment where I take it all and focus on the main target narrowing into very personal view of the individual as spiritual and psychological being.The relationship with the external world is only noticed by the way the matter reflects the material light and the effects it has under the psychological developing and movements….But , It has been one month or so that I don’t paint , I feel I have lost even more control of this process I have never controlled anyway. I am Feeling that soon I will go back to studio but I have no idea of what is going to happen or what direction the work will want to take.
Hope you like these works…. at least we can say that the 2011 production so far can turn into an solo exhibition already. I feel lazy… but when I see what I’ve done , I am not so lazy.
thank you all that have supported and followed my work this year.

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