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3 brand new old works, 2004 , found here in MEIN WELT.



I had lately discovered older works, one has been already posted earlier last week and now these 3 here. 
I never forgot then, as a matter of fact I knew very well where they were, in the deepest part of a closet I have here… and for some reason that painting of the man training the dog has never left my mind… but it has been many years since I didn’t see them. 

They are from 2004. 
The one of the girl with the German shepherd I know very well the reason I had it hidden, I am ashamed of they way I painted her face, I don’t know how I lost so much control and made her so ugly. 
I will try to fix her face one day…. one day. 
……… and for the last, the fish, an Angel Fish or as we call it here, Acara Bandeira, I used to breed this specimen and I still love these fishes, now I am focusing more on smaller specimens but with the same origins, the Amazon Black River. 

These works were made in a time when I was having very similar feelings I am having now about my work, painting and art in general. 
I need a rest from myself and my work, it can take one day or one year or one decade, who knows? Who cares ? I want something else my work has offered.  But every day I wake up feeling like to paint but don’t know how or what.
These paintings were made exactly when I created the Mein Welt concept for my life style. 
So all this feeling about getting tired of myself is never a symptom of depression or any kind of lack of excitement. It is part of the creative process. It has highs and lows. 

I thought it would be nice to share these 3 works with you. Hope you enjoy it.  


Maçã, Apfel, Caio Fern, acrylic on canvas. 2012.

you know …. bigger is the work, less it has to say, that is the reason today’s art market and art history has so much huge crap.
Make it bigger, I used to listen when went to visit my friends in the art college. I heard a couple of art dealers saying the same.

I want to paint the size I see… and I saw it very close so I painted my face the size it is in real life… except for the apple. hahahah…. I really needed it a bit bigger, but not so much. Is a beautiful apple and I love her. My lunch is going to be with her.

I found a piece of raw canvasses here that must to be in among my studio stuff for at least  6 or 7 years. Is is exactly the same kind of canvasses I use all the time but pink. yes, pink, I won this from someone. Now I decided to paint over it. Last night I treated and let it to dry.  I liked when the cuts were made and the pink sides got exposed.

I spent last night awaken staring to the painting I made yesterday, before this one here above.
I wasn’t sure about that work yesterday when finished, now I am in loved with it .

Caio Fern, self portrait, acrylic on canvas – 2012.

yeah, again, very up set with the photo…. you know all the story. the painting has much more colors and it isn’t fair…. blah blah blah…… you know. But it isn’t fair at all to do not be able to show the painting the way it is.
aaahhhhhhh…….. this is only a self portrait.
I was a bit tired of composing and creativity so decided to take a small piece of canvasses and do a direct simple self-portrait. only for the pleasure to paint.
I had this “idea” last night… can you believe I went to sleep and spent all the time dreaming about painting this ? every single brush stroke. hahahah. what an exiting dream. hahaha. So I woke up, had a nice breakfast and started to paint…. soon I am going to work so I got to post it as fast as possible.
the face grew and I lost control, as always, but I like it , it is the opposite of everything I’ve done lately… sure I love what I’ve painted… all the work of this years and last year too… I do. I am happy with my production a lot and intend to get deeper into it…. but it is good to take a day only for express myself in a different way… not less sincere or true.
All the colors of paint I used were the same I do expect white… I took my best white paint and mixed with white pigment in dust…. but I didn’t blend very well that is the reason you see the “pox” on the skin… I loved this texture. I don’t know how you see it by photo but here in front of me it is giving the sensation of pure skin.

see you.

I found this work yesterday in my attic.

I found this work yesterday in my attic.
it is from 1999 or 2000 or 2001.
let’s be formal as I like so much: Caio Fern, acrylic on canvas, 1999 or 2000 or 2001.


Perfect Day – Caio Fern, acrylic on canvas, 2012

tired yes, almost lost and blinded by its own feelings.
but this work is so polite with its pastel colors and well behaved brush strokes. it is so good to see I can be civilized sometimes.
I took the day for painting…. it took me a bit more than 7 hours but totally worth. I allowed the brush speak and only observed. it was like God holding my hand while I said: ” can I stop now? I am tired” hahaha!!! Thank You for this gift.

perfect day, drizzle all the time falling by the side of the opened window in calm and silence, a nice tea, wonderful potatoes for lunch, nice music, praying and a good painting at the end……
because it is summer here I don’t sleep so much at night, I woke up in the morning and don’t know how only started to paint with any of my typical resistance. Now, past 5:00 pm I am exhausted and believe don’t need to go to work tonight. so soon I will dive into the bed and dream with pastel colors while the drizzle falling outside.
good night world.
perfect day.

Caio Fern, acrylic on canvas 2012 – COTTAGE’S HANGER .

Caio Fern, acrylic on canvas 2012 – COTTAGE’S HANGER .

so… it is Fridays’ early in the morning and I have already finished my painting. yey !
And I like this work.
I decided to name it Cottage’s Hanger as when I finished it brought me feelings of lost memories about an old hanger in a cottage at the mountains I used to go when I was a kid. I can even feel the smell of the horses passing lazy by the front door in the sunny mornings with the ice of the grass being transformed in steam. I finished this painting almost the same hour of these memories. But what made me remember of it was the colors and the vertical stripes. ….that old hanger by the side of the front door…. wonderful.
I woke up at 00:30 and wasn’t able to sleep anymore. So I decided to go to the studio and just sit, first didn’t have intention to start to paint as I like to paint with he light of the morning, But when I realized that wouldn’t go back to bed……
The sock I used as model was a gift from an Elf princess friend von Norden
I told her that would paint this … but I have plans for more paintings with this model 😉
danke ! Alle guten Brise kann in deinem Herzen zu blasen.


acrylic on wood , Caio Fern 1999

I loved this piece when I finished and still love today 12 years later. Not only me , it was a success on an exhibition I did……….. year of 1999.
This is one of my sweethearts. Will never be for sale.
It was made one or two months before I really started to paint. So I was experimenting everything I could and never knew what would happen. This so simple , direct and punk rock work just came to me in a sunny afternoon as it is today.
A friend of mine used to say it is the purest German Romanticism wearing new clothes. I laughed when he said that and never gave a definitive answer. Maybe he was right. I still don’t know. Hope he was right. hahahah!

have you all a great weekend .
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