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Happy and Classy Sunday Morning !!!! – STILL LIFE –

Happy and Classy Sunday Morning !!!! – STILL LIFE –

I am living The Golden age of my life right now.
Saturday morning eating sauerkraut straight from the jar at my studio using old and useless brushies as chopsticks.
When you think that there is no way to be classier than you have always been, creativity always come to prove that exists a better way to do things. I am so chic.A brazilian guy eating german food in a chinese way and taking pictures with a japanese camera posting on a american blog’s company. Welcome Globalization for the poor !!!!

No, really , I am really happy. Not kidding. I do love sauerkraut.

I found this photo taken in 2009 of the golden hair.I tought I had deleted. I like this work. Is very Mein Welt.
All my good feelings being sent to the owner of the hair. I don’t talk to her since then.

Still Live by Caio Fern 2011
Golden picture by Caio Fern 2009



Mein Welt


the girl scuplture photo was taken by me but i forgot the name of the sculptor , go to Victoria and Albert Museum and check it for me , please.

the houses photo I stole from a current photographer by internet but I forgot ( well, totaly ignored ) its name and then I worked on it using the cheapest efects found in my computer.

the book cover is from an old Peter Pan edition.