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That’s My King Dr. S.M. Lockridge – [OFFICIAL]

That’s My King

The Bible says
He’s the King of the Jews
He’s the King of Israel
He’s the King of Righteousness
He’s the King of the Ages
He’s the King of Heaven
He’s the King of Glory
He’s the King of Kings
and He is the Lord of Lords

Now that’s my King!
David says
The Heavens declare the glory of God
And the firmament showeth His handiwork
No means of measure can define His limitless love
No far seeing telescope can bring into visibility the coastline of His shoreless supply
No barriers can hinder Him from pouring out His blessing

He’s enduringly strong
He’s entirely sincere
He’s eternally steadfast
He’s immortally graceful
He’s imperially powerful
He’s impartially merciful

That’s my King!
He’s God’s Son
He’s the sinners’ Saviour
He’s the centrepiece of civilisation
He stands alone in Himself
He’s august
He’s unique
He’s unparalleled
He’s unprecedented
He’s supreme
He’s pre-eminent
He’s the loftiest idea in literature
He’s the highest personality in philosophy
He’s the supreme problem in higher criticism
He’s the fundamental doctrine in true theology
He’s the cardinal necessity of spiritual religion

That’s my King!
He’s the miracle of the age
He’s the superlative of everything good that you choose to call Him
He’s the only one able to supply all of our needs simultaneously
He supplies strength for the weak
He’s available for the tempted and the tried
He sympathises and He saves
He guards and He guides
He heals the sick
He cleansed the lepers
He forgives sinners
He discharges debtors
He delivers the captives
He defends the feeble
He blesses the young
He serves the unfortunate
He regards the aged
He rewards the diligent
And He beautifies the meek

Do you know Him?
My King is the key of knowledge
He’s the wellspring of wisdom
He’s the doorway of deliverance
He’s the pathway of peace
He’s the roadway of righteousness
He’s the highway of holiness
He’s the gateway of glory
He’s the master of the mighty
He’s the captain of the conquerors
He’s the head of the heroes
He’s the leader of the legislators
He’s the overseer of the overcomers
He’s the governor of governors
He’s the prince of princes
He’s the King of Kings
And He’s the Lord of Lords

That’s my King
That’s my King!
My King
His office is manifold
His promise is sure
His life is matchless
His goodness is limitless
His mercy is everlasting
His love never changes
His word is enough
His grace is sufficient
His reign is righteous
His yoke is easy
and His burden is light
I wish I could describe Him to you
He’s indescribable
He’s indescribable
He’s incomprehensible
He’s invincible
He’s irresistible
I’m trying to tell you
The heaven of heavens cannot contain Him
Let alone a man explain Him
You can’t get Him out of your mind
You can’t get Him off of your hands
You can’t outlive Him
And you can’t live without Him
The Pharisees couldn’t stand Him
but they found out they couldn’t stop Him
Pilate couldn’t find any fault in Him
The witnesses couldn’t get their testimonies to agree
And Herod couldn’t kill Him
Death couldn’t handle Him
And the grave couldn’t hold Him

That’s my King!
He always has been
And He always will be
I’m talking about
He had no predecessor
and He’ll have no successor
There was nobody before Him
and there’ll be nobody after Him
You can’t impeach Him
and He’s not going to resign

That’s my King!
Praise the Lord
That’s my King
Thine is the Kingdom
And the power
And the glory
The glory is all His
Thine is the Kingdom
And the power
And the glory
For ever
And ever
And ever
And when you get through with all of the forevers


Johnny Cash – Hurt

I know everybody is exhausted to listen this music or see this video. But for months I have listened this almost everyday and these last days … I’ve listened all the time. A classic masterpiece is a classic masterpiece.

ah, before I forget… after it get posted here this is going to be automatically posted on tumblr and the tumblers are going to see this post and say : “this is sooo 2004 or 2005” or some hipster crappy like that. Today I will not play with you tumblers, not in the mood for artsy crappy cool stuff.  I am not in the mood, leave me alone, go to like posts of kittens, fashion and shinny pieces of trendy art.


to stop selling FUR


watch this and understand why fur is a real crime.

Only Rant…. don’t need to take out your pants and jump on it .

Only rant…. don’t need to take out your pants and jump on it .

OK, first of all: I love to rant . And what I say one day so strongly isn’t rare to do not take so seriously on the next day or do not even believe on that . Or believe even more going to the last consequences . There is no logic and this is the way my brain works . If your Anglo-Saxon way to see the world sometimes doesn’t match with mine… don’t worry , it isn’t an scandal… you don’t need to lose nights thinking about this and hating me . It is natural and exists a huge world out there where people thinks in a very different way ( not wrong or right , better or worse ) than the way you learn at the school… don’t take so seriously, it is just another person’s opinion. All the time I post what I am thinking at the moment it causes huge polemic. Why ? Last week had an explosion of people posting hateful opinions about me on Tumblr because a text I posted here . It made me lose followers on Blogspot , Tumblr and Posterous . hahah!! I had to delete it in all the blogs because was tired to answer and be cursed . Even on WordPress where I never receive any comments , I received few ones complaining about in less than 2 hours . What is Funny is that the ones that complain , curse me , stop to follow my blogs, and posted horrible things about me on Tumblr last week aren’t Neo-Nazis , Fanatic Muslims , Buddhist Monks , Christians Ministers , K.K.K., South American Guerrilheiros, ….. no … are the ones that preach about tolerance and democracy , the ones that believe tolerance must to be the foundation of the society. The ones that are always the first to talk about freedom of speech and thoughts. Those are the ones that throw rocks on me all the time I open my mouth . This is a blog !! If I can’t rant on my own blog where am I going to do that ? I’m front of my aquarium to my fishes drinking green tea . I mean… my country came out from dictatorship and still today the politics on the power use sentences as : “there is too much freedom of press, people are abusing ” . Yesterday the president made an long speech complaing that people aren’t respecting his candidates for this election and the we should shut up. If I can’t come to a blog and say what I think… come on !! People on Internet behave as Third World dictators . Every body gets offended because what I say isn’t ” acceptable ” . It is what I said on the last post when people got offended and I had to delete . It is very convenient to tell me to shut up. Yes , this is what they want . People from poor countries must to have any real opinion about nothing because it isn’t acceptable . People like me can’t express themselves , we should go to the factories and deny our existences producing cheap products to be consumed in the other countries . People like me can’t have voice , face … we must to hide ourselves for the rest of our lives in a way that is more convenient for the citizens of the First World countries. Who wants to remember we exists, right ? If people from my origins produce art , must to be something appropriate to be consumed as an exotic inoffensive thing by the ones in Manhattan , London , Berlin…. I mean… We must to produce something that makes the guy when he goes to the gallery look and feel good with himself saying : “Oh , this is interesting, different , I support his cause , I am a nice open minded sofisticated liberal person , now I can go home in peace and drink a good wine before to sleep with peace of mind because I saw a fucking artists fron a Thrid World country and supported it, i am so special smart and good” . That is the reason i dislike when people refer to me as “Brazilian artist ” because following this labels has all the weight of the expectation that i have to do something “different” and nice … something like a tropical circus monkey , a Carmen Miranda or a stereotype of contemporary art that is what is well accepted today’s market . Freedom never comes after the “Brazilian artist” label. This is for sure . But i would be very unfair if i put all the blame on the place I came from. No . It happens with everyone in everywhere today more than ever. The world never was so closed to different opinions and ideas as it has been today .
I was thinking this afternoon how ridiculous have been the ‘rockers’ for the last decade . You see lots of guys making that proud big headed expressions , putting their noses up and saying : “I am a rocker ” ” I am a rock star ” ” I make rock’n’roll” . It is so ridiculous . I never trust an artist that can talk so sure about its work. If you see the bands of the history that made History and changed aesthetic values for real… they on interviews never say ” I make rock’n’roll”. I remember the few real bands I saw in activity , they were never able to explain their own sounds. They real ones are like that . Art is like that . I never trust on people the can talk about their production so sure of it . It means they aren’t really creating, investigating , only reproducing values or formulas that already exist . The biggest artists i saw in my life when asked about their works used to make a pretty dumb face because didn’t know how to answer that . What i posted last week was a bit about that … and i receive a waterfall of rage on my head , still today, one week later i have received very impolite comments about. Sorry if what i say makes you feel that your mask falls and you get angry. But people that is so sure of what is art and what is producing don’t have too much to offer . People that are so sure about themselves only reproduces what was already made . It is easy to be sure that way. I am sure when i am making pasta .. it is a recipe that exists for generations. But i am not sure when i am painting or writing or living . Because i do it my way . and my way is brand new, there is no recipe or really concepts to guide me . And if you call this “intellectual talk ” as i was accused more than one time before . I am sorry for you. because if you aren’t concerned about the nature of what you produce it means you are producing very shallow stuff that doesn’t add anything to the world or even to your life . Maybe you get happy to do what was already done . But i don’t get satisfied with that and want to have freedom to express my dissatisfaction and keep searching without a narrow minded asshole protesting because my position on this world isn’t convenient to him/her and its pathetic sterile life with ‘acceptable works” being produced .

Other thing i want to talk is about my book and the way it was written. Every one knows because i posted it already on my blog that i wrote this in English because i want it to be read by everyone . Trust me , it is a pleasure to me when i write and communicate in English. Really . It completely spoilt me because now when i write poetry in my own language i feel totally incomplete as something was missing. I love to express myself as i am doing now .
But here comes the others ( inferno ) . The defenders of the language . Always from USA and England ( the ones that read my book and are fron Germany , Holland , Spain , Austria , Italy, Brazil…. dodn’t complain about language , and some Americans and Englishs too ). Really , how can such nice people have a such horrible language ? In England after a while , the only ones i accepted to have contact was the Englishes, the original ones , not the immigrants or their descendants. The Englishes were that most sympathetic , polite , honest , and nicer people i have met in my entire life . I never get tired to say this because it is true and for all the thousands of times they were kind with me saving my life or only making my day . The Americans were the best friend I made in Europe . Maybe because people really hates Americans in Europe they are very nice with the few ones that don’t show any prejudice against then. It was my case …. i will never forget the Americans i met out there because they were very friendly people i could trust. We helped each other always that was necessary. Not talking about the 20Th century North American cultural production in all the areas that ( and i am not saying it only for saying ) really saved my life , my brain , my ethic and moral values , my faith in God . Everything good i have inside me has a foot in the American culture somehow. But people…. come on !!! Do you really need to bitch on me giving a such hard time because of the way i wrote this book ? And it because i showed it for a bit more of half dozen of people and wasn’t even published yet. I mean… isn’t enough i speak and write on your language trying to be nice and social…. do i have to think like you too ? Do i have to destroy all the structure in my brain and adopt yours ? Aren’t you being too harsh ? And people say it isn’t correct English language. What is correct English language ? It doesn’t exist. A language that needs so much phrasal verbs , idioms , slang’s and have no real rules for prepositions can’t be right. A language that uses resources as “get, got , do , did….” can’t be considered as a correct language . It changes everyday and begs for improvisation all the time because of the lack of a real structure . And I am not even talking about the huge gap created by the accents , what doesn’t happen with most part of the occidental languages. So should i stop to think on my own language too. Isn’t enough i try to write in a way that people around the world can understand ? Do you really need to tell me that my text isn’t correct and conventional . I have two examples :
One : Sure I am not comparing my self , but i even should because would be fun . But if English was a language with such good structure Shakespeare wouldn’t need to create so much new words for try to express himself . And i bet that if he was alive now and wrote a book with lots of new words as he did people would bitch on him much more than what happened on his time . Two : Is my text hard to read ? Hard to understand what i mean sometimes ? It makes me remember the last week on Facebook, Jasmine , and i think later Momo Luna sent me a post where i should list my 15 favorite albums of all times. On my list , at least 10 of then were albums very hard for me to listening on the first 5 times . Were albums that i bought and hated first even regretting for have spent money with that. I didn’t like , didn’t understand what was happening , didn’t follow the musics … these albums years later , 10 , 15 years later are the 15 top favorite of a collection where I have more than 500 albums considered favorites, i loved to have made that list of 15 favorites and spent the entire last week listeneing then again . The same with many of my favorite movies , books and art pieces, they are new languages, it isn’t easy to get at first .
I am sorry if you spent the entire life consuming jelly, Mcdonalds, MTV hits and All Disney movies. Let me tell you one thing: Real forms of expressions don’t have label , aren’t easy to digest, and aren’t easy for the creator to talk about or explain . It happens . If you have contact with my production, welcome to a world were things aren’t logic , easy and acceptable . I am not going to chew you food and put it gently in your belly . Forget about . It has an entire industry of billions of dollars doing this for you, wanting to please you. Isn’t necessary to demand it from me . My book is hard to read , is hard to digest for many reasons , and i am proud of that .
What do you expect about a book that talks about a guy the lives in a global world “full of tolerance and human rights” being excluded of it ? No , sorry , i didn’t write a romantic comedy . I believe Hollywood won’t buy it.
So people . Take easy . If it is so hard to deal with me I am sorry , I didn’t mean to be a such pain in the ass only for say what I think on Internet. For paint what i can ( not what i want because i have no control of what happens in my studio, and i am not saying that for looking cool ) . For write what i thing and feel. It has been hard enough to me for all these years , all this life having to deal with my head… image with people “shooting” against me because of what i post on Internet, on my own blogs…. It so ironic and unfair . My grandfather left Europe because Hitler was after him. My father was arrested by the local dictators . And now i can’t say what i think on my own blog . The difference is that now nobody can put the blame on any government. Now the dictatorship comes from people . The ones that have their own blogs and post what they feel like to do and say … this people now comes to tell me to shut up and change my way to think . Don’t you think you are too narrow minded and unfair values telling people what is right or wrong to think ? Don’t you think you are behaving as people that begs for do not have freedom . Calling me names and criticizing my production as have happened gives reason to your own governments and big companys to start to control the press as have happened in all the called “Occidental free world” . It isn’t argument anymore… it is violence and Nazism. Remember , Nazism isn’t about race or nationality . It is about standards, the psture you take about the ones that are diferent.
Ok, after to spend the evening drinking lots of green tea and geting high with cafeine, maybe I can post this at 9:50 pm.
Please … you don’t need to get angry or ofended with all i wrote . It is only a cucaracha’s rant. Nobody gives a shit for what we think anyway .
Don’t worry , tomorrow you are going to meet lots of me and ignore our existence while we do all the dishes , work on the garden , clean the office and say : “Oh , sorry Sir, thank Sir . excuse me Sir , Yes Sir……have a nice day Sir .

I am so happy for living in a Global Multcultural United World with so many tolerance for all the diferences .
Have a nice day everyone . And a wonderful weekend !!!

let the birds take a chance on the floor before returning to sky .

let the birds take a chance on the floor before returning to sky .

cold… good for tea and internal works with dreams, aquariums and cats over a dark surface.
the taste is purple on my lips.
i swallow it and feel silk, cotton….linen…. floating distant and clear.

He extends His Word once again for my heart.
my heart lies, liar liar liar, compulsive liar.
 i have to fill it with light.

the green under the moviments of the cold weather.
the 2 sides blade of my chest that opens new paths beyond the air.

the golden vibrations of a good friend’s hair shining in my body and smile now.

sundely NOW became so precious , by pure acident.
i don’t care if time, times , timeless are there somewhere.

let the dogs run till get exausted at the street.
let the cats sleep upon the aquariuns lamp because of the heat.
let the birds take a chance on the floor before returning to sky.

i am fine, thank you for asking .

you can see the original post of this poem at:


I recieced this email these days fron an ex follower of Mein Welt ( BLOGSPOT ). On the last 3 weeks this blog have lost more than 15 followers!!
You know what? FUCK YOU! What am i ? a clow , a host of a tv show?
Hey my work is serious and i am not going to get into my studio only for you have entertainment for free , go to watch tv and leave me alone. Have you paid me for post my paintings? no . Do i recieve something for this? no. Is there a contract that i have to paint every day only for painting and make you happy ? What do you think art is for? Entertainment? Hobby? Making people looking up to you ? A pleasure ? Something nice? Sport ?
I’ve been developed my work for 11 years and now should i change my way to work to please people that doesn’t understand what i do and doesn’t help me about nothing? So what are the paintings i’ve done so far? Yesterday’s news? Rotten vegetables?
I paint when the painting must to be done. Not when you are bothered with your stupidy mediocre life and looks for something cool on internet. Go to look for porn your pathetic exuse of human being.
Here are my fashion photos for making you happy.





your truth isn’t impressive. FUCK YOU WISY and your tolerance.

your truth isn’t impressive. FUCK YOU WISY and your tolerance.

i dislike writers that try to develop sentences to revel their wisdom showing what great intelectuals they are , trying to impress the reader with some new truth ( oh, he is so right ).
 why do they write this way? did the kids called then bumb when they were only a child and then grew up with this complex: “oh , i have to show i am smart”.
 camon. i am a fundamentalist Christian, if i want to read something wise i open the Bible .
what writer can substitute this?
any man can impress me , only God .
yes , i am “that” kind of people and i am not even sorry for this.
fuck you wisy!!

the writen Truth is just ONE : it starts with Genesis and finishes with Apocallipse.

i DO  love to be intolerant.
here it comes :
Jesus never told us to be tolerant, He said to love the other as yourself , not more or less.
it is totaly diferent. the oposite as a matter of fact .
tolerance is the resoursce of the hypocrits.
is a political correctness invention.
to be tolerant you must to be able to see the diferences , to love you must to be able to see the similaritys.
tolerance is to say:” hey! you are diferent of me , i don’t agree with you , i don’t even like you, but i tolerate you. see, i am  a nice guy, i tolerate you , so go back to your gueto, your tird world country, where i can tolerate you even more, see i tolerate you , i am a good person , i am going to sleep happy tonight and there is nothing you can say to acuse me , because i tolerate you”.
tolerance is the more eficient weapon against minoritys, the world never had so much tolerating people in its history and never had so much excluded people as well.
i know very very very well the both sides of the wall , i lived at both and belonged, behaved as the both.
i HATE tolerance.

fuck you wisy!!

( i feel so childish, writing this, using logic…. now i am like the writers i dislike )