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Caio Fern, acrylic on canvas 2012.


acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011

Caio Fern , acrylic on canvas 2011.

only a nice and calm painting in the morning listening music and do not thinking about the busy week I am going to have ahead.

this is it , i need to buy a decent camera, this one is having problem to turn it on and I think there is something wrong with the lens too, it is capturing the pictorial values in a all fragmented way.
loose painting with no intention to arrive anywhere, just painting and having fun with the plots of brush stroke and little values.

Caio Fern on KALEiDOSKOP

kaleidoskop is an independent project and exhibition space, opening its doors to all artists and designers. Whether you are experienced or just starting out, kaleidoskop is a good opportunity to show your work and to connect with other creative minds. As its name states, this space is a convergence point for art from all backgrounds: illustration, video-art, graphic design or experimental installations. There are no pre-defined borders to this project. kaleidoskop offers the possibility to experiment and be inspired, to be a blank page, gallery or meeting point for artists and designers.

Neukölln’s blossoming art scene is the perfect location to join Berlin’s inspiring creative side and kaleidoskop offers a welcoming space for networking and collaborations. Please stop by or share your ideas and inspiration.


Now there is Caio Fern on the site kaleidoskop. 

this is a very good place to know new artists. 

check the link. 


Acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011 – revised.

Acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011 – revised.



Two nights ago I decided to paint this work a little bit more.
It was painted on January 10 but I never felt it was tottaly finished because of the background. Now I believe that I fixed it. It is horrible to have a painting that doesn’t make you feel confortable when think about it, it is like a half truth, it doesn’t match with what you feel. Doesn’t matter if was painted yesterday or ten years ago. You must to go there and fix it.
I think it is fixed now.


CUT – acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011 –

CUT – acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011 –

On these works I intended to only make the main figure have to deal with itself in a way the space around isn’t necessary to be present.
On my paintings over the years ( the last 12 years ) the space around the main figure painted on raw canvasses is denied but here it is totally excluded.
These characteristics are always happening for the same reason. To isolate the individual from the environment and make it be forced to only deal with itself.



An angry mess?
You bet it is.
Incredible, this morning I woke up a bit lazy but happy for having a time to paint. I spent the whole earlier night at the studio only thinking and was exited for the morning light and start to paint.
I believe that in less than 5 minutes painting my mood got totally twisted and I lost my patience with every single detail. There was a moment that I said: ” I hate this painting , it has been 4 hours that I am working on it and nothing happens”. Then I realized that I was painting for only 45 minutes. hahah!
Well…. after one hour the painting was too well done , I mean, so illustrative and polite that didn’t have its own life and didn’t seen that would get better. So I started to erase everything and cut. This is it . Done and fuck off.
well… now I even like the final result.
I thing that more than any kind of meditation , yoga or anything else, painting is the biggest and hardest lesson of patience and perseverance. My best works happened when I was working hard on it and nothing was right…. so I tried harder and after hours made that hell become a really good painting. I belive that most part of people that says that aren’t good painter is because they just give up too easily.
Then exists that cheap excuse : Painting isn’t a good media for modern life because we are always doing lots of things at the same time too fast and have no time for anything else”. Sure , what a lame excuse , people spends hours in front of TV or computer or playing video games but don’t have few hours to paint.
Today I was the opposite of what I believe. I really lost my patience about everything. Now doesn’t even matter if this work is good or not , only the fact it exists is already a miracle. Part of me wished to finish it because of my bad mood. Why not to be faithful to what you feel ? Simple, right ? Nothing more basic and simple than this. I would feel like an hypocrite if I said : ” You know what ? I don’t like this feeling so I am going to stop to paint and wait till I get calmer and happier”. No… this isn’t me. hahahah!
Have a nice weekend everyone !