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Caio Fern , acrylic on canvas – Standards of Glory

Caio Fern – acrylic on canvas 2011- Standards of Glory

A real Merry Christmas painting, I think this work express so well my Christmas mood and happiness that I must to say it is the most hipper realistic self portrait painting ever made in the whole History of the civilization.
Recently I have had access to some indie movies that are very rare to get so I didn’t watch then for the second time for years always wishing to have the opportunity to watch again.
It was a very good thing because showed me how much I have changed my standards,feelings and life. I did realize I had changed so much and so radically. It is great, as a door towards the freedom had opened and I accepted, passed through going beyond.
Life has been great.
The name of this painting is Standards of Glory.
I thought about to writte the tittle on it, I am still thinking about so maybe the work isn’t totally finished

Frohe Ostern! Feliz Pascoa and Happy Easter Everyone !!!!!!! A brand new life ahead !!!

Frohe Ostern! Feliz Pascoa, Happy Easter everyone!!!!! I am really happy, I love this .

The Jesus image was a gift from Ann.
and the painting was made ( by me ! ) at last Christimas but was inspired reading John’s Apocrif Text about Jesus cross and ressurection. The name of this painting is Logos because this word appears on the text.
The definitive Victory upon evil and a brand new life is here , just need to acept.