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Chine by Buron

This is a really great and perfect book. To know about this made me happy in a way you have no idea. For the last years I have followed Syd Buron’s work of photography as he has posted few samples of this beautiful work here :   http://thoughtcamera.co.uk/
It is a breath taken collection and has been very popular as many people like it and follow his creations as well.
I have nothing to say about this, images are perfect and speak for themselves.
Pay a visit to his Blurb page and tell me if I am wrong. I dare you.http://www.blurb.co.uk/bookstore/detail/3495700

‘Chine’ contains 130 large colour photographs printed on 160 pages of Premium paper, with a beautiful lustre finish.

look what he says about this :

“Hello, my name is Buron (aka Syd) and I live in a cabin at the top of Luccombe Chine. A Chine is a steep sided wooded ravine, and mine is on the Isle of Wight, a small Island off the South coast of England. Enchanted during a visit in the Summer of 2008, I moved here a few months later, leaving a stressful life in a city behind me. The air around here still fizzes with magic, as it did on my first visit.
The Chine, and the scattering of woodland and Downs that closely surround it, are linked by the same pathways that now map my subconscious mind. My sense of place here is strong. In four years I have seldom left an imagined boundary around the immediate vicinity of the Chine. Exploring every square inch and sitting quietly amongst a myriad of trees, plants and skies. The collection of photographs in ‘Chine’ were taken between July ’11 and July ’12. During that time my camera never left my side and I attempted to capture those moments of wonder when the veil appears at its thinnest.
Each chapter represents a significant enclave in my kingdom in and around the Chine. Seven places that I have frequented week after week, and season after season, drawing insight and inspiration. You will not find all seven on an ordinary map, but I assure you that they exist”.


La Femme – Agenda 2012 – by Crissant.

……….So last evening I got surprised with the great news about my friend Crissant that have created a 2012 agenda.
This is great news indeed.
“Agenda 2012 – La Femme
An agenda composed by images that make reference to the sensitivity, sensuality and beauty that reside in every women.
All images made by Crissant”.
My favorite characteristic about Crissants work is the fact she is able to transform the everyday life in pure beauty giving honest and sweet poetry to this.
Photographers in general when want to “create” a similar atmosphere use to hire top models and go to locations impossible to reach. But Crissant doesn’t, she has all these possibilities and know all the right people to do one more fashion stereotyped work wouldn’t be a problem to her, even so she chooses and is able to work with everyday references and common people , what is much more generous and shows a real commitment with live , art and the viewer…… no bullshit, no tentatives to be impressive and full the audience.
This year she got so quiet, I think I know the reasons…… but at least she appears with this agenda and we can have a little bit more contact with her.
Love you little girl. More than ever and ever.

you can see the agenda and buy it here :http://br.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2618524

and you can see her post about and start to follow her blog here :http://fotografiacrissant.blogspot.com/2011/11/n87.html

Ok, all this advertisement has a price… because she promised to send me a gift, you know…. one month ago or so…. but I didn’t see this gift arriving here at my sweet Welter Haus ( that has many flowers on this Spring… ahhhhh, I love spring ) ….. what makes me very sad……
So I thought… maybe if I write a text kissing her tiny hot ass it will touch her cute heart and she remember of me.

Self-Publishing Your Photography Book with Elizabeth Avedon

 • 9AM – 3PM • Zebulon, Georgia



Self-Publishing Your Photography Book with Elizabeth Avedon
the basic principles of designing your own photography book

+ + +

Now that artists are able to produce their own hardcover and softcover books online at a relatively low cost, self-publishing has become a popular alternative for photographers. My workshop, “Self-Publishing Your Photography Book,” will cover the basic principles of designing your own photography book including; design decisions, sequencing, typography (Serif vs Sans Serif) and the cover. We’ll explore what comprises good design from bad, creating a framework for the participant to build upon with their own book project, and briefly discuss the self-publishing companies available. We’ll work together and as a group to evolve each of the individual projects. (The workshop will not cover technical questions – pdf-to-book workflow – or software questions). Contact SlowExposures 

Be a part of a unique photography scene in the rural American South….
SlowExposures Schedule of Workshops + Talks  

“…every year since 2003, tiny Concord, Georgia, population 336, becomes a photography mecca. “SlowExposures” lures photographers, curators, and editors to look at pictures from the South, to discuss and debate them, and to exchange experiences…Southern conviviality and hospitality create an ambiance that is most of all creative and communicative.” –Elisabeth Biondi, New Yorker Magazine (read more)

• Sept 16: Opening Reception and Southern Memories Exhibition in the landmark Whiskey Bonding Barn (open to the public, free). Southern Memories is a satellite exhibition, curated by Alabama native and New York photography collector, John A. Bennette.  


• Sept 16: Collector’s Afternoon with Alex Novak. Photo Roadshow and Lecture 2-5PM
• Sept 17: Self-Publishing Your Photography Book with Elizabeth Avedon: 
the basic principles of designing your own photography book, including cover and interior design, sequencing, typography 9AM – 3PM 
• Sept 18th: Lunch and Learn With Sylvia Plachy: Sylvia Plachy will show slides of her photography, followed by a discussion about what makes a good photograph 1-3:30PM
• Sept 18th: Juror’s Talk (open to the public, free) 

Die Kinder von Mein Welt – the kids are fine –

Die Kinder von Mein Welt – the kids are fine –

The Mein Welt community has its children and lately I have found photos of then.
These are typical kids from the Welter community.
They are fine, don’t worry even when look a bit neurotic.

( and for you that is a boring person and don’t know to play there is a list with the name of the few photographers I know the name , I found it all on internet, the ones that don’t have the name here , if you know , tell me and I will add )




all the WELTER paintings ( the last 11 of the post including the drawing ) are acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern from the years 2004 to 2009

TCHAU !!!!!!


Studies in Contrast – New Gabriella Mirollo’s book.

Studies in Contrast – New Gabriella Mirollo’s book.



Gabriella Mirollo has published this really good book by Blurb , I totally recoment you to check it out. 


“”Studies in Contrast is a project that emerged from a January 2011 blog post called “Face the Enemy,” in which I turned my camera on myself as an exercise in creative boundary pushing. This book pairs these images with other work that highlights issues and ironies of concealment and disclosure, isolation and connection, and the play of light and dark that have long been central to my work”””. 



Caio Fern 2009

some of the artworks art made inspired by the book Alemaõ by Caio Fern


Book Alemão, written by Caio Fern.
(photo with tea by Crissant)
( photo with book in an inverted image by Gabriella Mirollo )
(photo of the book’s cover by Maren Wieczorek )



Check Caio’s paintings: